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    The default home page menu link has disappeared. The page appears when I open the site with the same content but without the slider. I have checked all options but cannot seem to get to the root of the problem. I may have changed something that inadvertently caused this but not sure what. Can you please help?

    Many thanks for your help


    Syahir Hakim


    Default home page menu link? Not sure I get you.. can you please post a screenshot of the site showing what exactly has disappeared?



    Hi Syahir

    Sorry – I managed to sort it out – thanks for your time though – great theme.



    I had the same experience… If you install the theme into the default WordPress starting site, you initially have a couple of items in the menu, including one called ‘Sample page’. These disappear when you explicitly specify the menu within the Menu edit interface. Basically, it appears that you are replacing some original default menu with the specific custom menu. To get the items back you need to specify the links/pages in the new menu.

    I haven’t got a screenshot because I would have to undo my fixes to recreate the issue. I don’t see it as a bug because you get what you specify.

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