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    I am trying to add some content to a page post. I have tried using plain text, copying and pasting from Word. No matter what I try, after formatting so it looks perfect in the Preview Pages, after I save it, WP adds spaces between the lines.

    Any thoughts on a method that will work adding content using cut and paste.

    Thanks, Mark



    Do you have any WYSIWYG visual editor like Ultimate TinyMCE? If you have any, then check for paste button on visual editor. Use paste box to paste contents taken from Word. Don’t paste the content directly into the text editor as the content copied from the Word may have Macros.



    I already tried that and that did not work either. I looked on the web and several people recommended Live Writer (an MS product). Have you heard anything about it?

    Thanks, Mark



    Did you try the “paste from word” button on the second row of the editor buttons?



    Yes I tried that as well. What happens, it comes in OK and when I Preview the Page, it looks right but after I update, it adds all these spaces and screws the formatting up i.e. has too many spaces between each paragraph.



    Are you copying over text AND images? Is it just plain text?

    If it’s the latter… you can switch over to HTML view, paste the text, then switch back over to visual mode, and it should format decently.

    I say decently because TinyMCE is notorious for stripping code, adding it’s own, and whatever else it feels like doing. I have researched this and it’s because the wordpress devs wanted the tinymce to be XHTML compliant. So, they tweaked the code with a bunch of random functions to “try” to make the code compliant.

    What do you get?? I’m glad you asked! What you get is a preview mode looking drastically different from what you expect. My feelings… if you know enough about HTML to use the editor… it’s your own damn fault if you screw something up. I don’t need a “big brother” trying to help me keep my room clean. How are we supposed to learn if someone else keeps trying to clean up our messes??

    So, that’s my rant. Again, if you are only inserting plain text, try switching to the HTML view and see what happens.



    It’s juts ridiculous, how many hours are wasted trying to format and reformat posts. Is it blasphemy to suggest we use a different editor that won’t cause these problems?

    If so, any suggestions?

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