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    In a particolar page of my blog I’d like to show a sidebar with ONLY facebook like page while in other pages other widget are shown.

    I tried to setup a template with these instructions

    But graphene seem different fron other template as I did’t find where to put this code:

    <?php get_sidebar (‘custom’); ?>

    Any ideas?




    Is there anybody have any idea?

    Maybe this is a too big issue?



    Its a lot of links to read!

    Why not supply a link to Your site and point

    out what and where? Cant even see Your layout!




    Thanks kim for your answer.

    In my site these is a sidebar with a facebook like page in every page of site:

    In ONE page and only 1 I need to put another link to facebook like page, in this page:

    Any ideas?




    Maybe this One page can be in “One Column, no sidebar”.

    Then make a 2 column table with this plugin: MCE Table Buttons

    (You can make the table without colors)

    And put the facebook thing in right column 🙂

    Yes, I know the perfect answer were different widget on pages!

    Maybe someone can enlight us here?




    Then again, You just might get this plugin

    to do the job: Dynamic Widgets




    Thanks again Kim but It doesn?t work…

    In my idea I’d like to choose a template for limuosime page where to put Facebook like oode.

    Any ideas?



    When you edit the limuosime page, choose another template in right side.

    Then use Dynamic Widgets to show Your chosen Widget only on limuosime page.

    (Remember You must first make the different widgets.)

    And the other widgets on the other pages (not the limuosime page).

    It Works. I have tried it 🙂


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