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    Hello, I’m still loving the Graphene theme, however I would like to customize a few things to make my site look tidier…

    You can see my homepage here…

    once you scroll past the slider you can see some of my posts, I would love a more compact look.. therefore on the homepage only I would love it if I could hide the “Leave a comment” button from each post along with the list of tags.

    Also I would love the “Read the rest of this entry »” to appear closer to the opening paragraph and i would like the text before the <!–more–> to show up next to the thumbnail image rather than below it… I have linked to an image below showing you the look I want… I understand it will take some tinkering but I am willing to try it once I know roughly where to start…


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    Syahir Hakim


    You could just float the image to the left, which can be done when you insert the image to the post using the WordPress editor. As for the read more link, you can also modify that using CSS.

    The next update will make it a lot easier to add custom CSS, which (hopefully) will be released in a few days’ time.



    Thanks Syahir, I will wait until the update has been rolled out and then look into it..

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