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    I customized my 404 with an image but my image appears 2 seconds then it disappears !

    You can see the result here :

    I write in the 404.php :

    <center> <img src="" /> </center>

    Can help me please ?



    I think my display changes with the file upload search-404.php, after loading the file 404.php.

    If it is this, how can I disable the search function, please?



    It’s exact !

    I added my image in the file search-404.php, and the display is ok !

    You can see the result here :

    In fisrt, there is the display 404 and after, the search 404.

    How can I not load the file search-404.php, please?



    I don’t know how to stop this smart search feature. But I have a suggestion for you. The website seems to be overloaded with too many things. It would be better if you reduce the number of items displayed because even with high speed cable Internet here in Canada, it took longer to load your site. It is a huge turn off for some people.



    Thank you for your replie !

    what is the time to display my home page in your country ?


    Kenneth John Odle

    what is the time to display my home page in your country ?

    From the Netherlands: 7.92 seconds!/AQvzMYG4b/

    From New York City, US: 19.744s

    And those pop-ads! Annoying! You need a host that doesn’t do that to you. It’s driving away your readers.



    Hi Alain,

    I must agree with sanjua and Ken. I know you have contacted me personally, and I apologize for not responding as I have been overwhelmed.

    I did attempt to take a look at one of the issues you mentioned… but your page was frankly just too intensive to even get my basic debugging tools to load properly.

    You are very polite, and are obviously passionate about what you do. But a suggestion is to distinguish between what is necessary for your readers’ experience; and what is there as “eye-candy”.



    Thank you all !

    It’s not me that puts pop ups! I don’t understand…

    How can I remove them ?

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