Customisations lost when updating theme

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    Hi there,

    I’ve gone to update my Graphene Theme but it says that any customisations will be lost in doing so. That scares me!

    What type of customisations does that mean?

    My site is

    On a further note, I want to change the font in my header to Candy Round which I will need to import. Can anyone tell me how to import that font to the site and apply it to the header only?





    Any changes you made using Graphene Options will be retained. But if you’ve modified theme files, they will be overridden when you update the theme.

    So, if you want to customize the theme beyond what Graphene Options offers, consider using a child theme.

    More info,



    Hi there,

    Please help me!

    I updated the Graphene them and now my website has gone haywire.

    I’ve gotten this message:

    “Broken Themes

    The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

    Name Description

    graphene Stylesheet is missing. “

    What can I do?




    That worked!

    Disaster averted!

    Thanks loads,


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