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  • harman79


    Hi all (again),

    I would like to have a custom two columns with sidepbar layout for my front page, as shown in this image:

    I suppose that this can be achieved using the default two col-sidebar right layout of the graphene theme but I am not sure how to make the side bar display three links of posts or pages.. Looked at the options in the edit-page menu of the front page but could not figure out how to do this..

    Your help is much appreciated..


    PS. Sorry I also posted this to the general talk forum.. Tried to delete it from there but couldnt find the option..


    Kenneth John Odle


    If this is the front page, then there are front page widget areas you can use.

    Else, you can use the Widget Logic plugin to control the placement of widgets.




    thanks for the reply. I got it working using the text widgets and the info given here…


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