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    I want to create several templates that have different widget areas on the right hand side. This will allow me to have photos in the sidebar on the media pages.. On the registration page I can have dates to remember etc…

    What php file can I use for the master template to create these new templates? loop.php loop-update.php

    This theme does not seem to have an easy way to create page templates can someone show me a good example to do this?

    FYI, I can do this in other wordpress themes, I can program php just fine. I created the widget area just fine using functions.php

    I created a template and it shows up.. but the formatting is very mangled.. the content and widget areas show up fine.. but don’t look right..

    Seems like the master widget area is somehow embedded in the footer.



    Why can’t you just use widget logic ( with conditional tags?



    What if I want to just create a template file… as that is supposed to be done.. I already have 35 plugins.. I don’t need more..


    Kenneth John Odle


    Because the Widget Logic plugin is easier to use that a template file.

    Additionally, if the theme changes over time, you will need to update your template files to keep pace.

    I already have 35 plugins.. I don’t need more..

    That is an excessive number of plugins. What’s your load time like?



    Ok I will take a look at the Widget Logic…. argghhh..

    35 plugins and 23 are active… some such…


    Kenneth John Odle


    Post a link and we’ll see if there is an easier way for you to do this.

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