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    I have an unresolved issue with image upload to gallery with my Linux server. Therefore, I FTPd post thumbnail image to this directory: /uploads/2011/02/ directory. I then tried to use the “Custom Slider Image URL” setting in Graphene Options –> Slider Options with absolute URL of the thumbnail image. But the slider does not show any image. Any fix? Thanks.


    Syahir Hakim


    Website URL?



    I solved slider image problem, by putting the thumbnail image in theme’s images folder & then linking to it in the excerpts section of post.

    But I have an issue with header image. My website is under dev, but you can look at it:

    You will see the “techno” header image, right now, as I have selected it in the WP Custom Header section. But, I want a modified image as header. I have tried placing this image in 2 folders & adding one of the following two codes, in turn, to “style.css” for “#header”:

    (i) background-image: url( no-repeat;

    (ii)background-image: url( no-repeat;

    But, image does not change.

    By the way,thanks for giving us all a great theme and equally great support. I will definitely make a contribution shortly.


    Syahir Hakim


    Use the WordPress custom header function at Appearance > Header.



    I explained the basic problem in the first post- due (possibly) to shared hosting server issues, I am unable to upload any new image in Custom Header area or elsewhere in WP. Therefore I placed a custom header image in “images” folder thro’ FTP & then tried to use CSS style to define background-image for header. Does not work.



    Just to clarify further – images don’t appear in the Appearance > Header area unless uploaded. Placing the image physically in themeFolder > images > headers does not help! Any solution? Can custom header image URL be linked through code? Thanks.


    Syahir Hakim


    I think you would need to modify the theme’s code to do this. Or manually add an image using the graphene_header action hook, and then position is using CSS absolute positioning. The latter is the better way.

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