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    I had a question regarding the slider. Is it possible to have a custom slider on each page? On the home page I would like it to have 4 posts in the slider, however; on a different page I would like the posts in the slider to be different. Is this possible?


    Kenneth John Odle


    With a child theme, almost anything is possible. Typically, the slider only shows up on the front/main/index page.

    First of all, read the rules and include a link to your page.

    Second, which pages, which posts? (You do understand the difference between posts and pages, right?)

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    Sorry Kenneth, was up late last night trying to find a solution and did not get to reading the rules. My site is

    Now as for what I am trying to accomplish with the slider:

    On the main products page I want to have the slider show the 4 different subcategories of products. Pageids 16,18,20,22.

    Then, on the subcategories of products- (pageids 16,18,20,22) I would like to have a slider with different pages (I will be making a page for each actual product).

    As I’m really new to WordPress, I apologize ahead of time for any communication errors on my end such as pages and posts. I am not using posts on my page because I am just using it for a tiny informational site for a family business, not actually as a blog.

    Thank you for your help!


    Syahir Hakim


    I would suggest using a separate slider plugin to achieve this. It’ll be much easier and less coding required, if at all.

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