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    I’m wondering, is it possible to enter a custom caption on the slider instead of the post excerpt? If so, how?

    Thanks in advance.



    Yes, you can create a custom excerpt in the area below the main editor when editing a post/page.

    This will (I think, but could be wrong) also affect the excerpt areas on the main page and the category archives pages.



    I don’t see the area where I can change it. I tried description, but that didn’t do anything. Here is a screenshot:




    Click and expand Screen Options at the top right corner and select Excerpt thing. (I’m not sure what it is labelled)



    These are the screen options I have. Do you know which it is?


    Thank you all for your help



    I just found the “excerpts” panel on the posts… but the screenshots above are from pages I would like to feature in the slider. Is the custom excerpt possible for pages?



    Add this function to your child theme functions.php file:

    add_post_type_support( 'page', 'excerpt' );

    Remember to enclose it with the php code, if you don’t yet have a functions.php file.

    If you don’t have one, the entire code should look like this:

    add_post_type_support( 'page', 'excerpt' );



    Great… thanks so much!

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