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    Hello and thanks for the time you spend to help all the boardies,

    I am currently working with the Graphene template to construct a website look.

    I was just wondering how I could add a different sidebar per page. What I want to achieve is content that will be related to the sidebar.

    Could I duplicate one of the pages and sidebar templates somehow?

    Or would it be possible to just add the widgets in a vertical column in a new page, that has no sidebars?

    Thanks in advance,




    Maybe this plugin: Dynamic Widgets




    Thanks Kim, I’ll load it up and give it a shot



    Had a chance to try “Widget Logic” and seems to work ok so far





    Dynamic Widgets, works great on my test site.

    It just might get live, someday 🙂





    I’m a newbie to the Graphene theme and the forums. I installed Dynamic Widgets but am concerned that if I substitute a custom sidebar, for the front page sidebar for instance, on one page, will it replace the front page sidebar also or just show the desired page.

    I hope that makes sense. Thanks for any input!


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