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  • Melodee


    OK, let me start off by saying three things:

    (1) I absolutely LOVE the look and feel of Graphene for my website/blog. Love it, love it, love it! Out of the dozens I looked at, this one grabbed me right off and held my attention. Not an easy task, at least according to my husband. πŸ™‚

    (2) I am NOT a coder of any kind. OK, I did do some work YEARS ago with C and Basic, but that’s it. I’m an author, not a programmer/developer. All the talk about CSS, functions, routines, variables, and all the rest is even more confusing and foreign to me than Greek.

    (3) I do not WANT to be a coder. See #2 above. I’m an author and I like it that way.

    So, now on to the question…

    I really like the rotating header images, but the “stock” images that come with Graphene just don’t fit my site. Maybe a couple do, but just as many don’t. I want to add my own custom images to the rotation and kill off the ones that don’t work.

    I’ve read several of the threads here and they are all deep into the code of the theme and I have no clue at all what they are trying to say. I’m not sure if what I want can be done. I’m also not sure if it can’t be done. In other words, I am totally lost.

    Is there a way to delete some of the “stock” header images and add some new ones and have them rotate at random?

    And bless you for keeping this simple for a poor little deaf blond girl who writes a few stories now and then to make a living and stay off disability!

    Keep Loving!




    Hi Melodee,

    Thanks for all the wonderfully kind words.

    1. Uploading new header images is no problem at all.

    2. Taking out the stock images is slightly more work. What you can do is rename the files (or simply delete them if you’ll never use them)… and what is left will be the custom images you uploaded. You can, of course, set these to rotate randomly.

    So, the problem is deleting the “stock” header images. The best way to accomplish this is by using FTP or your hosting providers cPanel to access the contents of your file system. Then, we can go to the folder holding those images and do what we wish.

    Do you have know how to access your file system? Not within the admin panel, but through FTP or CPanel?



    Hi, Josh…

    So all I need to do is go to the folder “wp-content/themes/graphene/images/headers” with FTP or my host’s CP (I can handle that!) and delete/rename the files I want no longer to use, upload the new ones I want to have, and Graphene will use the files in that folder in a random rotation?

    Why does that sound too easy? πŸ™‚

    When I look in the above folder, I see 2 files for each “stock” image…one named (for example) “fireworks.jpg” at 960×198 and another “fireworks-thumb.jpg” at 364×80. This leads to another trio of questions…

    (1) By “rename”, do you mean to rename them to something without a graphics extender? Something like “fireworks*.jpg.not-used”?

    (2) If I wanted to be rid of the Fireworks header completely, would I delete both files?

    (3) When I upload my new images, would I need to put two files in the folder? That is to say, would I upload a file named newheader.jpg at 906×198 and a file named newheader-thumb.jpg at 364×80?

    Again, thanks so much!

    Keep Loving!





    1. Exactly. I usually rename to something like “fireworks.jpg.old”.

    2. Yes, to be rid of it, I would delete both files.

    3. I believe you would just need to upload your regular, full-sized, image. I can’t think of anywhere the thumbnail image would be used.

    You can either copy you new images into the directory, or you can upload them through the admin panel in the graphene header settings page.



    That did the trick, Josh…

    Thanks so much for your help to a card-carrying non-techie. πŸ™‚

    Keep Loving!




    Or just upload new images in admin panel/header. No need to delete “stock” items.



    If you don’t delete the stock images, they will be included in the random rotation of header images as well. She was not interested in the stock images.

    but the “stock” images that come with Graphene just don’t fit my site.



    Actually, I did as Luko suggested. Sort of…

    I used FTP to download the “stock” images I wanted to keep, then used the APPEARANCE>HEADER panel to upload them as my own custom images. After that, I set the RANDOM radio button on that page for the UPLOADED IMAGES.

    Now here was the tricky part…

    I had to go to APPEARANCE>GRAPHENE OPTIONS>DISPLAY>HEADER DISPLAY OPTIONS and uncheck the USE RANDOM HEADER IMAGE box. If this was left checked, the “stock” images were, as Josh said, still included in the rotation. With it unchecked, the rotation ONLY includes the images I have uploaded.

    It now does just EXACTLY what I want it to do!

    Again, thanks to Josh and Luko for the help!

    Keep Loving!




    If you by “rotation” header image mean something like this:

    Header images changes after refreshing or open post or page etc.

    then there is NO need to delete “stock” images, and they won’t be included in “rotation”. My Admin/header looks like this:

    (it’s localized on croatian, but I think you’ll see what I mean)

    If I misunderstood something don’t blame me πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I’m glad it works for you!

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