Custom Permalinks Generating a 404 Error for Home Page

  • bwaltz


    When I use the default Permalinks settings, the site works perfectly. If I change the Permalink structure to another setting such a “Post Name” (under the Settings>>Permalinks menu), I am am getting a 404 error for the initial landing page only. All of the other links seem to work fine.

    Relevant details:

    – When I selected/tested any of the optional Permalink structures in the menu, I also updated the .htaccess file with the code provided in the window at the bottom of the page in the WP content manager.

    – I am not using a static home page, and under the Settings>>Reading menu, the “front page displays” setting is set to “Your latest posts”

    – I have tried turning off all plug-ins but the problem still existed.

    – I switched to the standard Graphene theme instead of the child theme but the problem still existed.

    – I switched to the twenty eleven theme and the problem went away.

    – WP V 3.8 (in case you need that info)

    I am not sure what to try next. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.


    Kenneth John Odle


    You have marked this as resolved. Is it sorted out?



    I THINK so. When I checked the site on another computer, it seemed to work fine. I should have done that b4 posting the request. I did all of the development work using a localhost and MAMP, then moved everything over to a GoDaddy server. I think think I may have some addressing issues buried somewhere in the site that is causing the error on my primary machine. I’m trying to find the source now…

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