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    I really love the news fader, however I would like to be able to customize it a bit more? I want to create more news faders on individual pages that show more content specific to that page. Is there any way I could get a sample code or something to make 5 sub-pages appear on the main page of that section of the website?

    For example, on a site for video games, I would like to have a “Microsoft”, “Nintendo”, etc sections, however I would only want those pages to have a specific news fader that correspond with the articles that would go on there. For instance, I’ll put on the Nintendo page a post about Mario, however I will post on the Microsoft page a post about Halo, but I don’t want the Mario post to appear on the Microsoft new fader, just the Nintendo one and vise versa. You understand? Is there anyway I can do this?



    Syahir Hakim


    Sure you can, but not without quite a substantial additional code writing into your child theme. I have previously implemented something like what you want on this site:

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