Custom Metaboxes inside Custom Posts in 1.8

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    I’m the author of a premium plugin (Post Planner) that uses custom post types and WPAlchemy ( to create custom meta boxes in those posts.

    One customer is having an odd issue since upgrading to the 1.8 version of your theme (there is no problem when using the default WP theme and they reported that it worked using the Graphene them prior to 1.8). The custom meta boxes on their Posts that the plugin adds work fine, but none of the custom meta boxes show up when on a Planner post type.

    Was there any changes made in the 1.8 version that could possibly cause this? I looked through the theme code but didn’t find anything.

    The frustrating thing is that I can’t replicate the problem on my test install using the theme and the same plugins and settings as they are which makes it very difficult to troubleshoot. It works fine for me which was why I was hoping you might have some insight.

    To sum it up: the custom post type page loads fine, no errors, but the metaboxes are missing.



    I’m no expert on this so this is all I can think of…

    Maybe the Screen Options settings have been reset by the new graphene.

    have you taken a look at the Screen Options to see if the meta boxes are unchecked?



    The metaboxes actually are not showing up at all in the Screen Options either. Thanks though.


    Syahir Hakim


    Have you asked the customer to turn on WP_DEBUG and see if there’s any errors showing up? That might give some clues as to what’s going on.



    The 1.8.1 update fixed the issue!

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