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    I wanted to ask if anyone has tried out a custom dropdown menu in IE8. I rolled back to version 1.7.2 to check and see if fixed my problem, but still didn’t. The menus work in IE8 if I switch to twenty-eleven. I disabled my plug-ins trying to see if something was conflicting, but I can’t find anything. Is anyone else experiencing this?




    I’m actually working on this as we speak.

    I’ve been building a website for a community college… and they only use IE8 internally. I’m very familiar with the issue. It’s definitely an IE8 issue.

    I’m close to a resolution. I’ve attempted adding higher z-index’s to parent elements, but the results were negative.

    Right now I’ve got it to where the dropdown appears in IE8, but it also expands the entire parent div (the actual main nav menu).

    Once I have a solid, reliable solution, I’ll be sure to post back here.

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