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    I’m not sure what happened here. Today I created a new custom menu…..then, of the 3 theme locations, i decided to insert it into the footer location. As soon as i did that, i opened up another safari window to view the changes on my site….and my site was all messed up. Basically it took the header and repeated it across the top of the screen, stretching the content to the full width of my monitor…real screwy looking. While I was still logged into wordpress in safari….i opened up a firefox window and checked my my site, and everything appeared like normal. I removed the custom menu in the footer in wordpress….previewed my site in safari again, and still screwed up, yet firefox was fine. I had to log out of safari and delete the cache….and now it appears normal again in safari. But now, whenever i log into wordpress and view my site, same thing, header repeats and content stretched to the browser limits. Basically my site looks horrible when viewed in safari while logged into wordpress….and appears normal when logged out of wordpress. No new plugins installed lately either. Does this make sense to anyone?



    Deactivated WP Minify and problem goes away….anyone else have issues with WP Minify??


    Syahir Hakim


    Try disabling HTML minification in the WP Minify settings page.



    Syahir, thanks for your reply.

    Unfortunately that did not work either. It still messes up my content when WP Minify is activated….but only when i’m signed in to wordpress. I did notice that it doesn’t affect the home page though…..but it does all my other pages. Very strange.


    Syahir Hakim


    WP Minify takes all of your CSS, JS, and HTML (if enabled) files, minify them, and cache the minified files. This is so that it doesn’t have to minify all the files on every page load, which would put considerable load on the server. It also means that changes that you do won’t be reflected immediately, unless you clear the cache.

    Also, not all files can be minified safely, hence the reason there are those exclude files options in the WP Minify settings page.

    But if it just happens when you’re signed in, then perhaps you can rest easy knowing that none of your visitors will ever see the strange behaviour?




    Question for you….when I test how my site loads at, it shows in my results for “page requests” 7 different JS files and 3 different CSS files…..should I not be seeing only one request for a JS file and one request for a CSS file….I thought this plugin was supposed to create one cached JS file and one cached CSS file so that it would reduce the number of server requests….am I correct or no?



    Alright..this is getting weird. I installed the wp-pagenavi….and it works great when i’m signed in wordpress. As soon as i log out….and visit my site…..that page navigation at the bottom of the screen is gone and all posts are on the home page…..anyone know why this would be happening???




    What’s your website url?

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