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    Hi Folks

    Is it possible within the theme to be able to create a login page that matches the rest of the theme?

    I tried using a plugin called “Theme My Login” but it breaks the layout of the Graphene theme. Somewhere there is an unclosed <div> which I cannot find at the moment.

    Hoping someone can help.

    Best wishes





    Hi Syahir

    Many thanks for the link.

    After a bit of research I’ve come across another plugin that does exactly what I need as it includes shortcodes for the login as well as for registration and “forgot password”:

    Perhaps other will find this useful?

    However one question I do have is this, is it possible to remove the “Register | Lost your password? and Back to links from under the WordPress login box as these will be placed onto a page of their own?

    Many thanks





    I’ve added an image of the links I’m trying to remove if that helps:


    Hope someone can help.




    Syahir Hakim


    Easiest would be to use CSS to hide those links.

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