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    i’ use graphene with child theme.

    the folder of header images from /wp-content/themes/graphene/images/headers

    also ready in wp-content/themes/graphene-child/images/headers

    i have set a custom logo in the dashboard.

    with the graphene update, they are changing to default.

    so i have copy and rename these manually.

    my other settings in style.css and function works very well.

    what can i do, to use the header image with the child theme and they no changed in the future by update the parent theme?

    i’m a newbie on wordpress and php, so you declare please for “dummies” 😉

    is it right, the code (some i don’t know) must in the functions.php of the child?

    many thanks in advance!



    If you change header image through Appearance –> header, your header image must have uploaded to wp-contents/uploads directory. Not to the parent theme’s headers folder.

    Please add a link to your site and give us your custom CSS and child theme’s functions.php code



    Wow, fast support, thanks!

    I have updated to 1.62 without changes now

    Here Style css from Child: (Code removed by moderator)

    Here the functions.php of child_: (Code removed by moderator)


    First i have uploaded the logoheader, i made this with header-options “choose your picture from your source

    The headerlogo has now been uploaded to

    but i have in the moment not set as new after the update to 1.62. the size should 980 x 130, thats correct.

    the logo-hader from graphene is changed automatic, but in the child the option is of.

    and the logo i have uploaded first is checked in the options.

    Thx for your work.



    Please don’t dump the code here. Use to share your codes.



    Oh, ok, sorry!



    Arrrghhh…i’m sorry again….i have wrote: “the size should be 980 x 130…”

    but it means

    960 x 130, thats correct.



    I have now upload the headerlogo new with dashboard, with size 960 x 130

    before, i have unchecked “put the uploads” into month-year-folder.

    but the dashboard goes to cropp this upload image, because the size is correct 960×130?!

    then i have upload the logo and rename it by hand to e.g. “cropped-logo”, also by preview 300×61, and 150×150 with this size.

    then i have unchecked “use custom headerpicture” in graphene options and also by “change not headerlogo with marked picture”

    now, it seems will be work. i hope so too, by next update.

    Sorry for my english


    many thanks for your work!

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