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    I recently updated to Graphene 1.4.1. We have several authors posting articles so we use the Custom Fields feature. After the update, all of the bylines said “by admin” instead of what we type in our custom field for Author.

    I did a little playing around with the loop.php and figured out how to change “admin” to what it says in our custom field in the About the Author section, using <?php the_meta(); ?> here: <p class=”author_name”><?php the_meta(); ?></p>

    For the byline, I was looking at the following code, but couldn’t figure out what to change:

    <?php /* Post author, not shown if this is a Page post or if admin decides to hide it */ ?>

    <?php if ($graphene_settings != true) : ?>

    <p class=”post-author author vcard”>


    if (!is_page() && get_post_type($post) != ‘page’) {

    /* translators: this is for the author byline, such as ‘by John Doe’ */

    _e(‘by’,’graphene’); echo ‘ <span class=”fn nickname”>’; the_author_posts_link(); echo ‘</span>’;




    <?php endif; ?>

    How do I make our bylines correspond to the given authors, not admin?

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