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    Hi everybody,

    I just begin to work on my new webpage with graphene theme (which is a great theme).

    I wanted to get rid of the title in my home page so I put the code I saw on this forum in Graphene options / Display/ custom CSS :

    .home .type-page .entry-title { display: none;

    The title disappeared so it worked, but this code can be seen in the top of my webpage in the background. :-/

    I tried to remove it from the Custom CSS code, but it is still here !! I have no idea what’s the problem .

    Can you help me please ?

    Here is my web site :

    Thank you !!!



    Kenneth John Odle


    That is because it is outside of the <style> tag in the header. How did you add that CSS to your site?



    I added it directly in graphene options / display / custom CSS as recommended in an other post on this forum.

    Obviously I did something wrong.

    How can I get rid of it ? Where do i have to delete it ? I tried to delete it directly in the custom css where I put it first, but it’s not working.

    Thank you



    ok , I just found what was the problem. Thank you !


    Kenneth John Odle


    Just for the record, what was it?

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