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    Hi guys. Firstly I’d like to say a HUGE thanks to everyone involved with the Graphene theme, it is simply awesome.

    I’m wanting to create a custom layout (see img below) and I’m wondering about the best way to achieve this?

    Currently I’m working on this locally, so, I don’t have a URL to point to.

    I’d really love to use Graphene for this, and I have a feeling there is probably a relatively simple way to achieve this-

    I’m not a complete noob with WP, but I haven’t really got stuck into custom PHP and template layouts etc.

    I would really appreciate any and all feedback and advice!

    1. The smaller containers would generally be ads or similar (for which I’m planning to use Adrotate)

    2. Essentially, the smaller areas will be widgets

    3. The larger areas are for content

    4. Across various ‘pages’ the content in each will differ, but the sizes remain fixed

    5. Logically, I haven’t got it down yet, but it seems that I’d need a custom ‘page’ template, then add widgets to custom ‘hooks’-

    this is where I need help!


    Thanks again!

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