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    Greetings. I have looked over several of the posts that involve resizing the sidebar in the two-column look (et al), and I’ve tried to dive in to the CSS myself, but so far I’m coming up short. I’ve found the Sidebar section of the stylesheet, and I’m able to widen it out, but when I do, it drops below the main post. I’ve tried to narrow that section, but it just ends up floating the sidebar on top of it.

    I’m certain others have figured this out, as I’m further certain it’s just a matter of changing two small sections of the CSS. Would anyone be able to help me by simply referencing the section of the Stylesheet (or if it can be done in the Custom section in the options) and pasting the CSS needed?

    My site is http://www.vulpinereach.org/wp/ and I just want to make the body section about 50px smaller and the sidebar that much wider. Would someone be so kind as to designate where to do this?


    Kenneth John Odle


    This is a guess because I haven’t had time to figure it out yet. But it’s a hint.

    The main content area of Graphene is 960px wide. You say you are able to widen the sidebar. Start with that original width, and subtract it from 960. That gives a general idea of the width you are looking for in the stylesheet that you need to change. (Margins and paddings can mean it’s not exact.)

    Example: if the sidebar you are changing is originally 200px, for example, then 960-200=760. So you are looking for something in the stylesheet that is around 760px wide.

    Not the best advice, but it’s how I would proceed. Let us know if you try this and what you find out.


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