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    My name is Eoghan and I am having an issue with a drop shadow I have placed around the container of the Graphene 1.3 theme @ http://www.stillwaterscenter.org

    The issue is at the top of the container there is not a flush connection between the shadow images.

    (in some browsers the edges overlap, in some browsers they do not connect at all)

    With a drop shadow image across the top within header.php and across the bottom in footer.php with a repeating y shadow on the sides of the container.

    It only appears perfectly flush in IE7. In all other browsers it is rendering different results, none of which are the same within IE8,9, Firefox and Safari. So at first, I tried a conditional statement but since the edge is appearing differently in all browsers I do not understand how the issue can be addressed.

    I am curious if the CSS Reset placed in the theme is affecting this marginal issue.

    Thanks for your help,



    Kenneth John Odle


    Well, there is so much customisation it is hard to tell. Are you using a child theme? If so, you should not copy entire stylesheet into the child theme folder.

    It is difficult, if not impossible, to write code that renders the same in all browsers, especially one as old as IE7, and one that is as non-compliant as Internet Explorer.


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