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    WHOOHOOOOOO!!! I’m learning a lot these days! Just made a menu with hoover-functions, image-sprites, and it works!!! Well, on the test i was running it did work -> http://patricia4nails.nl/test/test.html

    Just simple HTML, with internal css stylesheet, so I could copy/paste it into a text widget in the sidebar. Just replace the .png’s to the right folder. But there’s a mess-up i can’t locate with Firebug… In the sidebar there’s a sudden border after every

    <li> that’s probably the cause of the mess-up. You can see it here: http://patricia4nails.nl

    Does anyone know how to kill these borders there???



    Try this if it works, add in your Child theme CSS:

    .sidebar ul li {

    Also change the height pixels on this style to 25px.

    ul#nav li {
    height: 25px;



    Wow thanks! That really got the borders gone! Though, it is still quite odd.. Do you know what I have to look for? Margins, Padding, Height or Width? on the test it’s working just perfectly. Don’t understand why it doesn’t work in the sidebar…



    Nevermind… found the padding being 6px… got it gone and it’s perfect now!!!




    Awesome yeah you just have to play with the CSS when transferring to live. It’s a developers nightmare trying to make everything look correctly in all browsers once it’s live VS local. Mark topic as resolved when your finished 🙂 cheers.

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