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  • Frym1


    Working with a Graphene Child theme (www.integratedselfprotection.com/dev) and have created a landing page with a nice submit button “Reserve you place now”.

    Does anybody know how to recreate this button in replace of the boring button I have on the contact 7 form on my RCS workshop page?



    Kenneth John Odle


    Yeah. Use Firebug to look at the button you want to replace, and then replace the code in custom CSS.

    In other words, you have code like this already:

    .my_button {style elements that I came up with;}

    .contact_7_button {boring looking style elements;}`

    and you would add this to your custom css or child theme stylesheet:

    .contact_7_button {style elements that I came up with;}

    Firebug will help you figure out what the actual class or id name the Contact 7 plugin (presumably?) is using. I can guarantee it isn’t .contact_7_button.



    Edit that contact form and add the same class to the submit button field.


    [submit class:maxbutton "Get in Touch"]



    Thanks Guys.


    Nearly there, any reason why my buttons are aligned to the right? http://www.integratedselfprotection/dev, Instead of left?


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