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    My website http://www.integratedselfprotection.com/dev

    Do you know of a piece of CSS that I may use, that when opening the post from continue reading, I can insert a piece of static text that reads “Like this? Share with Friends” just above social icons.

    Thanks for your help



    Nothing that I’m aware of…

    What are you using for the social icons? Are you using a plugin… or the graphene options?



    Josh I am using a plugin called Social Sharing toolkit, really cool plugin, which has an area for CSS, however unsure of the CSS code that would put this text next to Plugin.


    Kenneth John Odle


    CSS is for styling information. It doesn’t insert text.

    However, you could do that as a graphic, and add it before that using the before pseudo class.



    A quick over view of how this could be done would be appreciated.

    If not, do you know of any informative reading?



    Well… you would upload your image with the text to your media library. Then, copy the link.

    Then, in your Custom CSS… you would insert something like this:

    .mr_social_sharing_wrapper:before {
    content: url(INSERT_YOUR_IMAGE_PATH_HERE);

    Then, you’ll probably have to style it to move it down… because that particular div has a top margin of 100px… so your image is probably going to first appear too high. You can “knock” it down using a negative margin.


    Syahir Hakim


    If the plugin has an action or filter hook for the social icons, you can use that hook instead. Have you tried asking the plugin’s support about it?



    Thanks Guys.

    Josh I have used your approach and look great.

    Trying to move the words below the icons and have amended your css as follows, changing bottom for before, however no luck. Any ideas.


    .mr_social_sharing_wrapper:bottom {

    content: url(INSERT_YOUR_IMAGE_PATH_HERE);




    Lmao… making your own css pseudo-classes 😉

    There are only a select few pseudo-classes currently available in CSS…. “bottom” not being one of them 🙂

    If you’re interested… here is a link explaining pseudo-classes:


    Now… to try and fix the issue… try using this code instead of the code above:

    .mr_social_sharing_wrapper:before {
    content: url(INSERT_YOUR_IMAGE_PATH_HERE);
    margin-right: 460px;

    This will basically add a huge margin to the right of the image… forcing the icons to the line below. What do you think?



    Hmmm… just re-read your post and noticed you wanted the text image BELOW the icons?

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