Creative Commons Type?

  • rhinoblues


    I saw in another locked post from 4 months ago that an upcoming update was going to allow for a way to change the type of CC License linked to in the footer, however I don’t see that option yet. Is that still coming (or if its done is there guidance somewhere on how up update it)?


    Kenneth John Odle


    The latest update simplified the default license. If you would like to choose a different Creative Commons license type, just go to, and go through the steps necessary to generate your code.

    Copy that code and paste it into the box in Graphene Options >> General >> Footer Options and make sure you have the box labeled “Use Creative Commons licence for content” unticked. (HTML is allowed in this box.)

    Save options and navigate to your page. You can add inline styling and additional html; alternately, you can style this via custom CSS using the id #copyright.

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