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    I have been trying to find a way to create a second menu on the bottom of my main content. I created a second menu, but it’s the same as the main menu. No hover effect, or drop down. Is it possible to have two menus one on header, one on footer but same hover/drop down effects?



    I figured it out, I had to move the secondary-menu from header.php the footer.php child theme.



    I guess I wasn’t able to solve this correctly. After moving the php code of secondary-menu to footer.php right after the DIV for the footer it looked fine, but my side widgets display started to look wonky.

    Is there a way to re-locate the secondary-menu to the footer? The footer-menu works but it doesn’t have the same style effect as the main & secondary.

    Any help would be appreciated thanks in advanced!



    Yeah, the footer menu uses a different style than the header or secondary menus. I suppose you could check the css from the header and apply it to the footer. But you would need to be careful not to adjust elements necessary for the positioning.

    Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a website with a dropdown menu in the footer.

    You can easily add some css to make the link change color when you hover.

    I wish I had a better answer for you :-/



    Thank you for the reply Josh! I appreciate it a lot. It’s not so much I

    want to have a drop down menu on the bottom, but just the similar style as

    the main navigation.

    I’m trying to accomplish a similar look as this site as you can see they have both top and bottom menus. But I’m not php savvy and when I do copy the secondary menu code inside the footer.php all sorts of text and container alignment goes crazy heh. But I shall keep playing with the code and if all else fail I’ll just

    go ahaed and style the CSS for footer-menu. Thank you for your input!



    Gotcha. Yeah, I like that.

    Honestly, the easiest way is gonna be with CSS. You will need the base color, an active color, a hover color, and maybe some border radii and gradients. Maybe a little time consuming, but not impossible 🙂



    Josh I just want to say thanks! I finished styling the CSS to create footer-menu style similar to that of the main navigation. Thank God for firebug! 🙂



    My pleasure. I’m anxious to see it… but your site is in maintenance mode. I shall have to wait 🙂

    Yes, I consider Firebug to be one of the five greatest Godsends!! (Big Red and M&M’s are numbers one and two)

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