Creating template pages for often used layouts?

  • raindance


    Anyone know a good method for creating a template perhaps for the layouts I’ll use over and over again for pages? Is there a plug in or methodology that makes the most sense?

    Like let’s say I’m going to do this “5 best whatever” or 10 best whatever kinds of pages and they will have the same layout every time, like this:

    Rather than build from blank every time, or, simply using that page and saving as something different then manipulating the content, is there a better way to do it for efficiency over time?

    Thanks in advance,



    Kenneth John Odle


    WordPress templates aren’t really the same as MS Word templates, unfortunately. But you could always create a basic layout in a MS Word document, and then copy and paste it into a new post via the TinyMCE editor’s “Paste from Word” button.




    Ok thanks. I use Dreamweaver so built one there but it displays totally differently without the headers and such I guess. I guess I can just make a “basicpage5” in WP, and use that as a basic then just change the content.

    Thanks, Ken.

    Hey do you know about the other thing I just posted, about how to get my share this code into the secondary menu bar? Sorry, wrong thread I know…thought you might know easily how to go plug it in where I want it on the index page only.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Oh, for this item, you might want to try this plugin:




    I found a plug in called Article Template which seems like it might do the trick.

    And thanks for the tip for the simple post one, I’ll try that too!

    Thanks ken.

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