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    I am new to WordPress and Graphene but have made a lot of progress this week. I have the basic shell of my site ready. I created parent and child pages and created a menu that I placed in the header. All of the menu items/parent pages have multiple child pages in the drop down menu. I would like to have a menu in the left sidebar on each child page that contains the other pages for that corresponding parent page. For example one of my parent pages is called “About the Library” and in the drop down menu in the header there are 5 child pages, “Contact Us” “Hours & Directions” “Support the Library” “Policies and Guidelines” and “Board Members & Staff”. On each of these child pages I would l like to have a right side bar menu that lists these 5 pages for easier site navigation.

    It looks like I can only use one of the secondary menus and do not have the option to use different menus on different pages. Is that the case? Is there a way to have different menus on different pages?

    Thank you for your help.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Use custom menus to create the menus that you want.

    Use the custom menu widget to insert the menu into the location on the page where you would like it to occur.

    Use the Widget Logic plugin to control which custom menu widget shows up on which page:



    Thank you for your help. I will give that a try. One more question – on the description page it says, “PLEASE NOTE The widget logic you introduce is EVAL’d directly. Anyone who has access to edit widget appearance will have the right to add any code, including malicious and possibly destructive functions.” Does this mean anyone at all or just those who can log into our WordPress dashboard?

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