Creating child theme in 1.8 causes loss of column widths

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    Just updated to 1.8 and decided now is a good time to create a child theme and maybe speed up load time a bit. Created the folder, and style.css file. Went to Options > Advanced > Move Generated CSS and copied the css into the style.css file and checked the “I have moved the generated CSS” button.

    Uploaded. Refreshed. What? Blog is now 200px less in width while images and ads spill over the content and widgets.

    Site is



    Can you add the child theme back in so I can take a look?



    You were looking at the cached version – I didn’t clear the cache once I saw the problem so visitors wouldn’t notice.

    Cache is cleared.



    Thanks… one sec.

    EDIT: I still don’t see the child theme activated??



    I sure can (using a both a different browser and from a different PC). Width is 960px when it should be 1160px.

    OK, forgot to activate. Child activated, but now all styling is gone.



    Sorry, got busy.

    You can send me an email, and we can find a time that works for us both. I understand you don’t want your site “messy” for an extended period of time.

    Use my contact form here to send me an email:



    No need to be sorry, Josh! I’m available right now, but I’ll use your contact form also.


    Syahir Hakim


    Let me know how this goes.



    As of right now the issue is resolved. I assumed the CSS provided on the Move screen was complete and left out the import statement. Once the statement was added everything worked as expected. However, I’ve temporarily reverted to 1.7.3 for performance reasons.


    Syahir Hakim

    However, I’ve temporarily reverted to 1.7.3 for performance reasons.

    What performance reasons?



    Yes, the @import was missing from the child theme.


    Saying his site has experienced load times issues with the upgrade to 1.8.. It did take a little while to load (when 1.8 was activated)… but I didn’t have time to determine if it’s theme related or something else.



    Immediately after the upgrade to 1.8 I began experiencing slow page loads and “500” errors. Dashboard and normal pages would timeout and when they did load it would be 7 to 10 seconds before the first byte loaded. Memory usage jumped about 15MB and server load was high – even after a reboot. The site is running on a VPS so this was quite out of the ordinary. It is actually the reason I attempted to add the child theme – so I could cut down on the load times a bit.

    Including the @import fixed the formatting, but didn’t help load times. Immediately after reverting to 1.7.3 page loads returned to normal.

    I’m thinking of trying the update again, but I’m a little cautious as the site needs to be functional on Saturday morning.


    Syahir Hakim




    That seems to work much better! Memory is as it should be and no CPU increase.

    Now I’m off to check my child theme! Update: Child theme works as expected.

    So, what was the change?


    Syahir Hakim


    There were multiple changes based on the feedback received so far, but one change in particular relates to memory. This is explained here:

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