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    I am not sure if my title is correctly expressed….what I am looking for are bars of submenus that I wanna locate on a page something similar to the way of file widgets have on dashboard when creating them. Is a simple bar and when you click on it, it opens as a box downwards. I am thinking of this solution for submenus rather than creating child pages because my free server is out of space.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I think you are referring to an accordion menu. There are plugins that will accomplish this.

    As far as creating child pages to make your menu function the way you want it to, you should look into creating a custom menu:

    As far as space, however, I don’t think either of these two solutions will solve the server space issue. Installing a plugin requires using additional server space, creating a custom menu (or using child pages) increases the size of your MYSQL database. What you need is a more reliable hosting solution.



    You are right, but the person is not paying for this sooooooo………I am not either. I am at byethost hosting server now and the space is already limited. I added some plugins and they sent me messages to upgrade. I will see…..

    Do you know other place with free hosting and more space to use?



    Do you know other place with free hosting and more space to use?

    Try this, they offer 1500MB space and 2 MySQL databases. –

    But, I recommend a paid shared hosting..



    I understand, thank you

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