Creating AMP Pages On Graphene Theme

  • baldwinjackson


    I have recently read an article which suggest website owner to create their AMP pages for mobile search so I am planning to launch a basic brand website using Graphene theme as I am currently using free woocommerce themes for brand website which contain shop as well. Is there anyway I create such website like creating a two different version of same website using 2 different theme?



    Yes, there is a plugin that can do that: amp for wordpress! It’s free and very easy to install, however, be careful if you use plugins for post content!

    I tried to install this plugin on my site, but on some pages when there is content generation from a plugin, the display amp bug!


    Syahir Hakim


    As @steveab has suggested, you can use the free AMP for WordPress plugin. However, the generated AMP page has a generic and minimal styling, but this is sufficient to let your content to be listed as AMP results in Google search.

    If you’d like to have auto-generated AMP pages that are developed specifically for Graphene, check out Graphene Plus, which has a built-in support for AMP.

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