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    Hi there

    I have been working with the graphene theme for many months now and really love the flexibility it allows even without modify anything other than the inbuilt theme options however I now want make sure that any additional css I add can stay in place after an update by creating a child theme.

    I understand the basics of pointing the css and importing styles via another css however what I don’t understand is adding only the parts that you need and not the entire style sheet I have to admit I have edited the original but I copied the themes default css before I did this I just need help on how to make sure that when I have the child css that it shows exactly what I have created.

    Can anybody help?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Use a program like winmerge or a website like diffchecker to find the differences between your current stylesheet and an unaltered version of the theme’s stylesheet. Then copy those changes over to your child theme stylesheet.

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