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    Hello everyone,

    since the update to Graphene 1.6.2 i have got a problem:

    When I create a new article I am not able to edit the color of the text without adding a code.

    Before the update it was possible to select the color I want to write with.

    Would be great if someone could help!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try using the visual editor.



    thanks for your answer; but where can I activate the visual editor?

    John McCubbin


    in the editor you have the option in the top right corner of the input box of visual or html



    This is how it looks like. I cannot find any button to active the visual input 🙁

    Please help me!



    Go to your user profile and make sure you have the visual editor option is selected. I can’t remember what it says specifically, but you want to make sure the visual editor is NOT disabled.



    in my user profile there is a box where I can tick the WYSIWYG-Editor NOT to use. This box is not ticked cause i want to use the WYSIWYG-Editor.

    I have tried both options. But nothing has changed. I still cannot use the WYSIWYG-Editor.

    Where is the problem????


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try temporarily disabling the Jetpack plugin and seeing if that fixes the issue.



    unfortunately that did not help :-((


    Kenneth John Odle


    It’s possible that you have an incomplete installation of either Graphene or WordPress. Try these things, in this order:

    1) Temporarily disable ALL plugins by using FTP to rename your plugins folder.

    2) Reinstall Graphene.

    3) Reinstall WordPress.

    Hard to offer more assistance without seeing the site.

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