Crazy widgets?

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    Something weird is happening to my widgets… I’ve setup the configuration as well, the widgets I want, when I click the preview or I see the page logged in, all is displayed as well. But when I’m not logged, the widgets that must appear dissapear in the frontpage, but not in the others!!!

    So, I have lastest coments and the twitter widget, I saw them well positioned while I’m logged in, but when I’m not logged, they appear in all the pages but not in the frontpage.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!



    Have you changed the setting for displaying alternate widgets on the front page?



    Hi Josh!

    Yep, I changed that. Then I restored the default settings and clear my caché and the problem persisted. I changed the active template, then come back to graphene and the problem disappeared… but I was becoming crazy as in elm street 🙂

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