Crash on selecting Graphene Options

  • djrpowell



    Firstly can I say that I am very impressed with your theme and have used it on my site for some time now.

    I did the auto upgrade this week to the latest version and everything seemed fine. Except when I try to go to the theme options in the admin menu my browser slows to a halt and I cannot do anything. The rest of PC is fine and even other browser tabs but that one is dead. I have tried IE9 and Chrome and both do the same thing.

    Not sure what do to really?






    Also it does seem server side and not my side of things if that helps.

    I even tried activating another theme and then swapping back and the other themes don’t freeze just graphene!


    Kenneth John Odle


    If it’s any consolation, your site is running just fine on this end.

    Use an FTP client to see if there’s a “.maintenance” file still floating around in there somewhere. (It’s a hidden file, so you’ll have to set your FTP client to view invisible files.) If you find it, delete it.

    They’re supposed to go away after ten minutes, but sometimes they don’t. I don’t know that they can cause the kind of problem you’re describing, but it’s worth taking a look.


    Syahir Hakim


    It’s difficult to try to figure out what’s wrong especially when we don’t have access to your WP admin panel. Is there any error message displayed? From what version did you update the theme?




    thanks for the replies, I tried to find a .maintenance file but cannot see one anywhere on Ftp. is their a usual place for this? I think I have seen and deleted these before!

    In terms of update I think it was 1.5.2 to 1.5.3, I just did the auto thing. In terms of error messages, there is nothing at all it just freezes on that one option. Nothing else everything is good and site is good.

    I just click then the whole screen whites out, leaving browser and “waiting” message at bottom. Like the server does not respond.

    Is that any help.

    As said is odd as other themes are fine.

    It is worth manually downloading and installing at the side of the old one or somthing like that.

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