Corrupted wordpress blog after changing graphene settings

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    I was wondering if someone could help. I’m fairly new to wordpress so would appreciate any help.

    My wordpress blog is installed at the following URL:

    I recently installed the Graphene theme and was playing around with the settings. I changed my site url to just (ie without the /blog bit at the end) and then the blog stopped working all of a sudden saying it cannot access pages and files on my site.

    I have gone into phpmyadmin and in the wp_options table edited the two url fields back to the one with /blog and changed the current_theme option_name column back to classic. Now the home page displays correctly (all the styles are back to normal) but I still cannot access the pages – files not found apparently.

    Can someone advise me on how I can completely reverse all my graphene settings so that I can start again? I’ve checked and the contents of my posts are still in the database.

    Many thanks,




    Nevermind. I updated to the latest version and everything is fine now.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.



    ok thanks

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