Copyright info – freely to edit?

  • razek


    I would like to ask can I hide/change the copyright in Franz-Josef theme freely?

    I know that it can be hidden using css easily (thats not the problem) – but is it legall?

    I know that these theme comes with GPLv3 so it could be freely modify (as in other Graphene themes)

    Do I have to buy any of your addons ?

    Ps: I know that I posed this topic on forum, but to be honest I don’t know which category is more apropriate for this question.


    Syahir Hakim


    Yes, you may hide/change the copyright info in the Franz Josef theme freely. You don’t have to buy any of the addons, but we’d very much appreciate it if you do 🙂



    Thank you so much for your reply.

    Surely, I will do that. Your soing and EPIC job with these theme.

    And one more question about your plugins to franz-josef: can I use a plugin on multiple sights? Like for example I bought the plugin for my personalnal blog and I want to use it on my other sites, can I do that or do I have to buy the plugin separatly for every page?



    Wow, sorry for some blunders:)

    I mean – if I bought plugin once, can I use it for other sites that I’m developing, or there is a strict rule – one plugin = one site only?


    Syahir Hakim


    You may use the plugin for other sites that you’re developing with only a single purchase.

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