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    I am trying to add a feedback widget but can’t find the closing </body> tag in Graphene. Can anyone advise on where I can find it and the safest way for me to do this? Never messed with the code before.

    Thanks in advance


    Kenneth John Odle

    Never messed with the code before.

    And now is not a good time to start. Graphene is in active development which means that theme updates are frequent. You will lose any changes that you make with the theme update. Hacking with core theme files can cause all sorts of unforeseen issues.

    I am not quite sure why you would need to know the closing </body> tag to install a widget. That should just install in the plugins page. Which widget is this? Chances are that there is either a better plugin out there or you can achieve something similar (or better) using an action hook widget area.

    Keep us informed,




    Hi Ken

    Thanks for the advice. Ive been looking at Uservoice feedback widget primarily because it looks v good for a free tool. Are there any others that you would recommend that are inexpensive and perhaps just come as a plugin?



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