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  • carrie01


    I want to have ‘Continue Reading’ display on all posts showing in Category Archives. It seems to only do this if the post is a certain length. I have tried using the Insert More tag in the edit screen but it shortens the excerpt without inserting a ‘Continue Reading’ or ‘More’ link. What am I doing wrong?



    Well, in the category archives sections, the excerpt “more” won’t work unless you insert it after the first 55 words of the original post.

    There is a custom function you can use which will allow you to reduce this number… but it will occur on every post in every category archive section.

    So, you have two options for this area…

    1. Add add least 55 words before you insert the “more” tag.

    2. Use the function to reduce the number of words, which will affect all posts in the category archives sections.

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