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    How do I replace the “Continue reading” button with just a plain “Continue Reading” text link?

    There is an old post on this subject, but it does not give a clear answer. I presume I have to use some custom CSS – what should it be?



    Add this to Custom CSS

    .entry-content .block-button.more-link {
    background: none;
    box-shadow: none;
    border: none;
    color: #123456;
    text-shadow: none;

    Get HEX colour code for color (#123456) here –



    i have tried this but still get the effec, why?



    I solved my problem by using a plugin called Advanced Excerpt

    By Bas van Doren

    see example usage on my website


    i have tried this but still get the effec, why?





    You can alternately add this to child-theme’s functions.php to override the existing function which outputs continue reading link with block-button. You can then style it using .custom-continue-reading class.

    function graphene_continue_reading_link() {
    global $graphene_in_slider;
    if (!is_page() && !$graphene_in_slider) {
    $more_link_text = __( 'Continue reading &raquo;', 'graphene' );
    return '</p><p><a class="custom-continue-reading" href="'.get_permalink().'">'.$more_link_text.'</a>';

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