content width one column ends up different from the two or three colums

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    I have set the content width to 1080 while having the header at 1280. All pages act as I want them too, except for the one column page. It remains at 1280.

    in the graphene settings I have to set the one column page to 1280 to have the header accept 1280 artwork. I have set #content width in CSS to 1080.

    my site with two colums and here is the example with one column Most probably you do not see that the page extrudes on the right but it certainly does…

    I want to use the one column page for my main page.




    I assume that you altered the main theme code, so this is something you shouldn’t do. Width for one column is hard coded in php file. So inside the content div you have content_main div with .grid_16 class that have width set to 1280px.

    Anyway, to be honest, striping and altering so much of original code is very bad idea, like your header image says now you don’t see the forest through the trees.

    I would be glad to help you, but first you have to install a child theme and start to modify through child theme.

    Btw. If you don’t using transparency, save header image in jpg. format (saves space and minimizes load time)




    I agree with you that my coding capabilities are not in line with my professional capabilities…

    1) I did use the CSS editor only to get to where I am, with not even to much code actually. but I agree This does not deliver and from a coding point of view does not cater for solid base.

    2) I thought I saved png with transparancy… I’ll have a look at it, Will reduce to 1080 and reduce height

    3) The logo is part of the header png

    I will start a child theme. (yet again a new area to tackle…)

    What I want to do is:

    1) Menu always on top line including logo

    2) My landing page header will have 5 or 6 different version (like the forest one) which will use the grafpene randomiser to pick one;

    3) Other pages will have a header less high then landing page

    4) the pay off preferably should be just a text entry over a gray area but how to do this in conjunction with the random header? now it is just part of the png

    5) My blog will have different header but same menu/logo on top of every page (no dropdown menus). (Do I need to start diffferent WP install for that to allow different header?)

    6) preferably my site will be wider then 1080 but content/menu’s are 1080 wide and are floating in the middle (“none”) as to cater for small screens.

    all your help is welcome and much appreciated




    1. If you by CSS Editor mean the “Custom CSS” section in Graphene Options than thats OK. But if you mean Editor in Appearance under WP admin than you’re altering the main code if you don’t have child theme.

    2. Nope, png is without transparency. When we say reduce size, we don’t mean width and height. Images like this is better to save as jpg and when saving use web optimizations in your image editor application. Now, your image is almost 1MB, with optimization you can save it with size of 1,5-2 kB, without loosing much quality.

    3. Cut it out, remove background save as png. Or with white background like this: link

    Child theme on wp codex

    Ready made theme by Prasanna

    What you want:

    1. Something like it is now? Use action hooks and custom menu widget.

    2. No problem if you save header images the right way and check option in Graphene Options/Display/Header display options

    3. A bit complicated but can be done

    4. Maybe you should leave it like that, it can be done differently but this is maybe the best solution

    5. That’s a little tricky 🙂 I’ll check that

    6. Do something like I suggested in mentioned posts. For centering the div’s use margin:0 auto

    Good luck!

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