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    I have an iframe that I have to use here

    But it wants to be 1000px wide to not have horiz scrollbars. It’s set to 940px wide right now but…then the user has to scroll horiz which I think is bad.

    Is there anyway to allow it to be 1000 wide without messing up the page?


    Kenneth John Odle


    But it wants to be 1000px wide to not have horiz scrollbars. It’s set to 940px wide right now but…then the user has to scroll horiz which I think is bad.

    Yeah, it is bad, because a user shouldn’t have to do a horizontal scroll. But even worse, even 940px is too wide. There’s just a bunch of white space to the right of the form.

    Do you have any control over the iframe? If so, then you need to change




    or you could change




    since the relevant portion of the iframe is only 570 pixels wide.

    If you don’t have control over these aspects of the iframe, there’s not a lot you can do. But I suspect if you go back to wherever you got the iframe, you should be able to make these changes.




    Sadly it’s not something I have control over.

    Please oh please help me figure out the slider issues from my other post 🙂



    What I mean by I have no control is that I can’t recreate the layout of it.

    Here is what I have access to:

    <p align=”center”><iframe name=”Flight Search” src=”; frameborder=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”yes” width=”940″ height=”575″></iframe></p>

    But the problem is not in when you land on the page. It’s after you do a search, then the frame wants to be wider than the allowed space in the body of the page, so it pushes it out ugly if I don’t use the scroll bars. So what I’m really asking is, is there a way to make just that page have a wider body area? I get it that it creates visual layout problems for the upper area. What if I make just that flight search be a pop out window, without all the navigation and design stuff…I forget what that’s called…where just the content of the frame pops out on it’s like a new window with just the contents of the frame?


    Kenneth John Odle


    I think you mean “pop-up” window.

    You could accomplish it by providing a link to the iframe, like this:

    <a href="" target="blank">Book a flight</a>

    You would have to do this in the HTML editor. The target="_blank" is what makes it open in a new window. Not a very elegant solution, I’m afraid, but a solution.




    Ok thanks. I thought I remembered something that was slightly more elegant like…a borderless window or something like that. I’ll dig around.

    Thanks again 🙂



    I just looked at that term in google and it looks like it was old technology that didn’t last. I don’t like the open in a new window as it turns out, you’re right, it’s not every elegant, but I see what I mean, is a solution.

    Is there no way just for that page to let it be wider than the header of the site or increase the overall width of the main container to allow it?

    I just can’t stand that sideways scroll problem.

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