Content Text in Posts & Pages & Widgets is not being displayed (Headline, Links images ok)

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    I have following issue since about 2 weeks now:

    Normal text in posts and pages and widgets in not being displayed anymore, just Headlines, formated text parts and Links are shown.

    This issue only happens on one of my websites here:

    > No text in the upper left widget

    > No text in the “Wir über uns…”

    For Info:

    I have 4 homepages at one ISP on 4 different accounts.

    All websites have the same wordpress setup, plugins and Graphene child-theme

    Its no browser issue (Safari or Firefox), becaues all others homepages working great – except the above mentioned one!

    Any help appreciated, thanks




    Any suggestions?




    I have just learned, that it Mighty be actually a Browser issue:

    The Website is correctly displayed in Firefox in a windows pc, however not in firefox für Mac and also NOT ob Safari.


    All other of my homepages are still displayed well in the same Browsers.

    Where ist the Point of that Problem?




    The Problem Looks like this:


    On my other websites everything is displayed properly (Same Setups)


    Kenneth John Odle


    You have this line in your custom CSS:

    .entry-content, .sidebar, .comment-entry {
    font-family: arial;
    font-size: 9pt;
    color: #0000;

    Firefox just added support for four-digit hex codes, so #0000 renders as transparent, instead of visible. Change it to either #000 or #000000 and everything should render correctly.



    Hi, Kenneth,

    thank you very much for this exact trouble shoot!

    Problem solved!

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