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    Website is showing ghost content – images that were deleted a while ago on my Galaxy Samsung S3 Google CHrome or standard Internet explorer..

    I emptied caches and still it is showing a huge image that is not supposed to be on the page. Here are two pages that this phenomena is occurring on ( remember to see from an Android phone)

    Could you please advise why the content is showing that is not supposed to be there?


    Seems as if the text not lining properly too..


    This product is great otherwise – why don’t you counter Duda?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Please do not use all-caps. It is the internet equivalent of shouting and will not get your query answered any faster.

    Prasanna SP


    That image seems to be a featured image. Edit that page and remove the featured image.

    Prasanna SP


    Okay, Go to Graphene Mobile Options > Display > Posts display options and select Hide image at the top of posts

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