Container too owide with 2 columns after upgrade

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    I am sure I am missing something easy, but I can’t seem to get rid of an extra wide content page on all pages that have 2 columns. I just updated to v 1.8.2 – this was not a problem previously. Also, my front page slider is not working either. Any suggestions/






    You have

    .post {
    width: 875px;

    in your child theme style.css. Remove width property from child theme style sheet.

    Also, my front page slider is not working either.

    WordPress bundled jQuery is being loaded at all in your site. But some plugin/script is loading jQuery from both Google CDN and Find that plugin/script and remove it. Or, you can use Restore jQuery plugin to restore bundled jQuery.

    Your header menu is very impressive BTW, 🙂

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