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  • yoursm3


    Hello. How do i insert / create a Contact page to my site, graphene?



    Then again, please read this:

    That aside, Try this plugin: Fast Secure Contact Form



    Kenneth John Odle


    There are any number of widgets which will accomplish this. On the other hand, if you know just enough HTML, you can either create a page with this, or drop the appropriate HTML into a text widget, and then the contact info will appear on every post.





    Sorry about that. Please, in what category should this question be in?


    Syahir Hakim


    I think the point that Kim meant is that it’s generally a good idea to provide a link to your website when asking for support. That way we can take a look at the actual website instead of just guessing what you want to achieve.


    Kenneth John Odle


    If you want to do it as a text widget (appears on every page), check this post.

    Alternately, if your host provides some sort of formmail (usually cgi), you can add that to a specific page.



    The plugin helped enough. Thank you all.

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